Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best way to care for my stall finish?

A working horse barn’s environment is subject to multiple variables – including everyday wear-and-tear and external elements such as rain and snow. You can help preserve your stalls’ beautiful finish in a few easy steps!

We often get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the barn life. Keep an eye on items that hang from your stalls including halters, feed bags, blanket bars, bridle hooks, and more. Over time, the constant wearing can mar or scratch the finish. I’s crucial to address scratches and scrapes as soon as they occur. Contact American Stalls for assistance in finding touch-up paint to fix those small blemishes before they become bigger issues.

2. How difficult are these stalls or gates to install?

We pride ourselves in building equine equipment that is simple to use. At the time of delivery, our team provides installation recommendations. With direction from our documents, your local builder – or yourself – can install our equipment with ease. We prep all of our equipment with pre-drilled holes and include connector pins to ensure easy installation. In addition, American Stalls is always on-hand to answer any installation questions that you or your builder may have.

3. I don’t live in VA. Can I still purchase stall equipment from American Stalls?

Although we’re located near Washington D.C., we ship our stall equipment to farms all over the United States. Our expert logistics team can coordinate the best transportation to help your stall equipment reach your barn via the quickest, most efficient method.

4. What gauge of steel will my stalls be? What does that mean?

The gauge of steel signifies the thickness of the wall of steel tubing or sheet steel. A lower gauge signifies a thicker steel. American Stalls uses heavy (low) gauge steel when constructing our products. For example, our portable horse stalls feature 14-gauge steel while our permanent horse stalls feature 12-gauge steel.

Please ask about the gauge of steel when selecting stall equipment.

5. How will my order be delivered?

Our logistics team assist our clients once they have completed our required paperwork and payment process. Our team coordinates the best transportation to help our clients’ stall equipment reach their barn via the quickest, most efficient method. We schedule a pickup with a third-party freight carrier.

Transit begins once the stall equipment is picked up by the freight carrier from our facility. The client is then contacted for delivery by the third-party driver. Please note that all delivery and shipping times are estimated – not guaranteed. American Stalls cannot coordinate exact delivery times and windows. However, the client can coordinate with the third-party freight carrier once contacted by the driver.

6. Will I need any equipment to unload delivery?

We strongly recommend that clients arrange forklifts prior to delivery. We recommend two forklifts with long forks (not fork extensions) – rated with a capacity of at least 6,000 lbs. We provide additional unloading recommendations to our clients once an order is processed.

7. Can I pick up the stall equipment from American Stalls?

Yes, we do provide our clients the option to pick up American Stalls stall equipment. Clients must pick up the equipment from our facility in Baltimore, Maryland.

8. Can I return American Stalls stall equipment?

American Stalls does not accept returns or offer refunds. However, if a return is accepted, then the return will be subject to a restocking fee. Additionally, the client will be responsible for arranging and payment of return shipping. Any stall equipment returned must be in new condition with original packaging in sellable condition. Further information can be found in our Sales Terms and Conditions literature.

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